8 Topics You Should Know Regarding Plumbing

Aug 10, 2018  

Most people know that plumbing connections need to be watertight. What they may not think about is how most connections already make a watertight seal, so they go about making the connection tighter to make it “more watertight.” Oftentimes this can actually damage the fittings and break the rubber or plastic washers that create the seal in the first place. Too much tightening can also strip pipe threads or crack plastic fittings, rendering the connection useless. While connections should always be snug, don’t try to force anything past that point. Even if over-tightening doesn’t cause damage, it can cause massive headaches for anyone who has to replace the fitting in the future. Trying to loosen an over-tightened connection can cause serious damage, sometimes snapping the pipe or wearing the fittings down to the point that the only way to remove them is to cut the pipe. 5: Forgetting How Things Go Back Together This might seem like an obvious precaution, but it can be all too easy to forget how your drain trap is supposed to be assembled when the pieces are scattered across your kitchen floor. While newly purchased plumbing pieces generally come with instructions or at least a picture to follow, if you’re taking your drain apart to clear a clog, you might not have a reference point when it’s time to reassemble everything. And putting things back the right way matters. A drain trap might seem like a minor contraption, but if improperly assembled, it can allow sewer gas to travel up through the pipes and make your house smell like a septic tank.


When the wall is plumb, toe-screw the bottom plate to the floor to hold it in place. Twisted or out-of-plumb rough openings raise havoc with door installations. If you install the jambs to follow the walls, the door is likely to swing open or shut on its own. On the other hand, if you plumb the jambs against the out-of- plumb rough opening, the trim will be hard to install. As long as the bottom of the wall isn’t held in place by flooring, there’s a simple solution. Just move the studs on both sides of the opening back to plumb. Don’t think you can do this with your trim hammer, though. You’ll need a maul or a sledgehammer. How One Pro Installs a Door in Four Easy Steps John Schumacher, owner of Millwork Specialties Ltd. in Minnesota, has been installing doors and millwork for more than 20 years.


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GOP to Appeal to Hispanic Voters with New Candidate After a tough loss to Obama last year, Republicans are changing their game plan for the 2016 election. Focusing on the lackluster support by hispanic voters, the GOP announced Enrique Miguel Honduras as the most likely candidate for the next election cycle. With a Mexican immigrant on the ballot, the party hopes to gain increased support from hispanic voters. Opposition on the left has attacked Mr. Honduras for his lack of political experience. Speaking on behalf of the candidate, GOP spokesperson Connor Whitman Jr. told the Sewer, “Señor Honduras is a god fearing family man, something every American can relate to.” When asked to expand on his platform, Mr. Honduras glanced nervously at Whitman and told us, “no comment.”


Mark the cutting line on the backside of the door and then score the line with a utility knife to reduce splintering. Clamp a cutting guide to the door, mount a crosscut-type blade in your saw and cut slightly to the outside of the line. Knock the sharp edges off the fresh cut with sandpaper. Add a coat of sealer to the raw edge to prevent swelling. Remount the door. Adding carpet or changing to a thicker pile may cause the bottom of a bifold door to scrape and bind along the floor. First try to raise the door to clear the carpet using the bottom pivot adjustment. But usually you have to trim off the door bottom. The easiest way to measure a bifold door for cutting is with the door slightly opened.


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